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CGA Charter

Postby Sleestax » Tue Feb 11, 2003 6:32 pm

Who are we? Why are we here?

CGA is a gathering place for 23+ year old computer gamers. It's a way to bring people together to game and socialize. Through our BBS we talk, joke, arrange gaming sessions and discuss issues both serious and frivolous, related to gaming or not.

We are not a "clan" per se. There is no skill requirement for entrance. There are few requirements other than meeting the minimum age and agreeing to remain cheat-free.

One of the unique aspects of CGA is that, despite its diverse and relatively unstructured base, it allows those seeking a more structured environment to create one within its walls. Looking to create a competitive Day of Defeat team? You can do so. Want to establish standards of language and behavior in gaming you wish to practice? You can create a sub-group under the CGA banner. More details on this are given below.

To give you a more solid idea of what CGA is about, here is our Charter (annotated):

Certified Gamers’ Alliance


Gaming is that which has brought us all together, and gaming will continue to be our core goal. CGA is intended to be a vehicle by which members can arrange matches, share tactics, and learn of new games. But it is also meant to be a social place, a forum for members to discuss non-gaming issues of import ranging from the serious to the utterly frivolous. It’s a community, a computer playground for grown-ups.

[Note: CGA is group of adults, for adults. The main BBS and servers will be maintained with relatively few rules. Game and let game. Post and let post. Too many standards leads to bickering over where those standards are and imposing them on others. Instead, CGA has opted for fewer rules, while allowing those who want more strict standards to establish sub-groups below the "top-level" - see below.]


CGA maintains a BBS that is used to organize gaming sessions, discuss gaming issues, and socialize. Members desiring a higher level of focus, or standards regarding gameplay or discussion which may require limited membership are encouraged to create subgroups focusing on particular games and genres. The existence of CGA will allow gamers to become familiar with these in ways not possible without this umbrella organization. In addition, other resources (servers, ftp sites, etc.) may be made available from time to time under the CGA banner.

[Note:This is one of the core aspects of CGA and bears some explanation and example. CGA requires very little in terms of the behavior of its members. You must be over 23 years of age and be an honest gamer. Otherwise, you can be a loud mouth and braggart, or a quiet, mild-mannered Ghandi. You can say, “Good show, well done!” when killed in game, or you can tag and dance of the grave of the fallen. On the BBS, individual moderators after discussion with The Trustees may require some simple rules of conduct (no endless flaming, etc.)–in fact, they should; but CGA takes no official stance. HOWEVER, there may be folks in CGA who want to game according to more stringent standards, and for that we have subgroups. You are free to start within CGA the “CS Gamers Against Tagging and Speaking German on the Server,” or whatever. And you set your own rules and then take membership applications from within CGA–accepting and turning away as you please. Tolerance at the group level, but diversity at the subgroup level.

A subgroup may be as simple as a group of folks coming to an informal agreement on a few standards, or it may be something more with a new tag and its own set of forums. It may not even have anything to do with gaming at all! Let's say you'd like a more formal, intellectual level of political discourse than is occuring in the open Politics Forum. You could petition the Trustees to set up something more moderated requiring a password for entrance.]


Joining CGA requires first that hopefuls introduce themselves by registering for the BBS, and then create an Introductory Thread (link at bottom) to announce their desire to join. In this thread, the prospective member must state that he/she is at least 23 years of age and is an honest gamer. A short bio, especially in terms of the prospective member’s gaming experiences, is also expected. At that point, the prospective member becomes a Rookie CGA, wearing the tag [CGAr].

After the post is made, on the first of the following month, a probationary period of 90 days will begin. During this period the Rookie will enjoy all the privileges of a full-fledged member, excepting voting and access to certain private forums. The Rookie will be encouraged to game and post as much as they desire, keeping mind they MUST post 15 times during the 90 days (please no one word posts), unless someone is willing to personally vouch for them. After 90 days and 15 posts (or vouch), If there are no issues the rookie becomes a full member of CGA.

If there are issues, then the Board of Trustees will:

A) Extend the probationary period for another 180 days and 30 posts (or personal vouching)

B) Deny membership for 1 yr.

C) Deny membership permanently.

If there is an extension, at the end of that period, the BoT will vote to accept the membership, deny membership for 1 year, or deny membership permanently.

Note: Membership in CGA does not mean that one is automatically a member of CGA subgroups! CGA encourages the expression of individuality, and therefore does not require each subgroup to meet any standard other than the 23-year age limit and honest gaming. A subgroup may, therefore, have stricter standards of membership and a CGA member may find it necessary to petition for admittance.

Click Here to post your Introductory Thread, and Welcome!:


The guiding principles of CGA’s system of government are tolerance, democracy, and simplicity. As much as is possible, rules and committees have been avoided. The sole decision-making body of CGA is the Board of Trustees (BoT), consisting of five members in good standing whose passage from Rookie to full-fledged member dates at least one year. Representatives serving on the BoT are elected by the CGA membership.

Unless otherwise stated, the BoT and its members carry out all decision making for CGA. Also, unless otherwise stated, all their decisions are made by simple majority.

The BoT can make no rule for any subgroup, though they can at their discretion sever a subgroup’s link to CGA.

The BoT can choose to recognize a subgroup as being CGA sanctioned

The BoT can choose to recognize other resources (e.g., servers and ftp’s) as CGA sanctioned, and they may remove that sanction at any time.

The BoT chooses BBS moderators and administrators. The BoT may remove or replace them at any time.

The BoT may, by majority vote, revoke the membership of any member.

Those who own resources currently under the sanction of the CGA (servers, subgroups, and ftp’s, for example) are free to manage them however they desire, as long as it is clear that the regulations are that of the server and not necesssarily CGA as a whole. Only the BoT may make rules for CGA.

Those moderating or administrating the CGA BBS may banish, suspend, or otherwise limit the BBS activities (in their area of responsibility) of any CGA member without consultation with the BoT. A member's only appeal is to the BoT.

[Note: Basically, the buck stops with the Trustees. They can and should stick their noses into everything CGA. They handle issues on the spot or in private consultation later as appropriate. In the end, however, the BoT is answerable to the membership as BoT appointments are not for life.]

Length of Service

A CGA "Term of Service" shall be defined as having a length of six months. No Trustee, Moderator, Admin or other individual with an official CGA staff position shall serve in the same position for more than two consecutive terms, after which time they must return to regular member status.[we'll put an explanation about the first BoT serving till January, though, when we post this]. The exception being that a staff member may serve as Trustee for two terms without prior service counting against their limit. Any Trustee serving for two terms must move into the regular membership at the conclusion of their second term, however.

Sub-group officers are not affected by this limit.
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Re: CGA Charter

Postby quikkie » Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:59 am

locking premptively before a spambot finds it. For amendments to this thread please contact a Trustee or BBS Admin to unlock
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Re: CGA Charter

Postby riddles » Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:11 am

Edited charter to reflect age change.
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