Info for new applicants.

Do you want to be a member of the CGA? Tell us a little bit about yourself and apply for membership here.

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Hello and welcome to CGA. Just to let you know that in order to be able to post in this forum, you must have registered with the board. We used to allow anonymous comments, but that was like a red rag to a spambot bull, so please forgive us this small conceit.

Registering doesn't take long, and you will then be able to say hello and tell us about yourself. We promise a mostly warm reception!

Info for new applicants.

Postby Comfortably Numb » Mon Apr 03, 2006 3:57 pm

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and all CGA members, Welcome to the forum of the Certified Gamers Alliance and thank you for your interest in our lil corner of the universe. After looking around, you may decide you want to make this a more regular stop. We hope that is the case, especially if you have cakes and pie!

A bit more seriously, if you would like to apply for membership please make a new thread in this forum giving us a little bit of information about yourself such as Interests, games played, inside leg measurement etc etc. You will become a CGA Rookie, and if you like, may use the |CGAr| designation to show your affiliation in games. You will be on probation for 90 days, and barring any issues, will then be accepted as a full CGA member and recieve your very own |CGA| title! Keep it shiny! We like shiny! :D

It should be obvious we are usually a more laid back back bunch and try to keep rules to a minimum, therefore we have only 3 core rules which are;

1) Your must be aged 25 or above.

2) You must agree not to cheat and to always play fair. CGA prides itself on our level of sportsmanship.

3) Agree not to be a twat.

*Note: During your probationary period (90 days), you do also need to post 15 times, so we can get a sense of who you are. :) *

If you like what you see then get posting and making trouble! :D

Board of Trustees

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