Hard Modes with small numbers

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Hard Modes with small numbers

Postby Sneevus » Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:25 am

Hey guys,

With the low number of active 50s at the the moment, and a successful couple of low numbers Hard Mode runs last night I thought it might be time to post a few pointers to help those who might be interested in gearing up their max level characters but don't want to brave the pugs (those dirty stinkin apes!).

Black Talon - 2 Manable

You need to make sure one of you doesn't mind getting some light side points for this one.
DO NOT kill the captain, this will give you a much easier fight for your first proper boss. The robot on hard mode is a massive sod, and if you don't have humans who'll move out of the way of the exploding ads you don't want to fight him.
Also watch the first encounter, it's the hardest fight that's not a boss. CC the elite if available.

The second boss drops little flame throwers, on hard mode the summoning cast for this can still be interupted, do this and your fight will be easier. We've also had limited success with kiting him after he's enraged as he's melee.

Avoid the bonus boss, he will kill you in the face.

With the last boss, use ranged companions if you can (see below), you can try to finish her with exploding barrels when she enrages but they don't respawn so use them wisely. Any nutters with temporary immunity to damage can also try timing it for her explosion so that they can stay next to her and keep pumelling her whilst she charges up. Cowardly Juggernauts can also interceed away from the explosion if they want to get a few more hits in before they move away.

Tionese / Centurion will give you enough to get started, complete Champion set would be perfect.
As usual get as many of your daily token rewards as you can first.
Also try and get 1 or two of your companions Tionesed/Centurioned up as well. You're going to need them.

Tested Compositions:
Tank and DPS - Use one dps companion and one healer for the mobs, two (2) healers for the bosses.
Tank and healer - 2 dps companions, preferably ranged (last boss whirlwind move doesn't pull in ranged companions)

Bring some, it helps, as does stims and good healpacks if you've got money to burn.

Foundary - Three manable

Companion control is important here, keep an eye on them and double check that they're attacking what they should be, use manual targeting if you need to.

First Robot Boss - Gear check, standard tank and spank, he's so easy I can't even remember if there's anything to remember about him. Maybe face him away from other people just to be on the same side.

Celebrity Robot Boss - goes immune in the centre as part of his pattern and this confuses (even ranged) companions and they go and stand next to him. They'll get crushed if you let them stay there too long (so will players in case you haven't done this one before). As a side note whilst he's in this state AOE attacks will still damage him so if you've got them feel free to get a few hits in whilst he can't fight back. Also with this guy try not to get him out of his device too quickly. This can cause him to bug, probably worth one of you reading up on a good guide before you kill him (Thanks Lev).

Try to avoid the bonus boss, he's pretty hard so skip him on your first try. (We did)

Last (Jedi) boss - has a pull in and nuke move that unlike BT does affect ranged companions, the companion will be pretty screwed once the boss starts droping bolders randomly as they're too dumb to move out the way. Help them if you can or just go full dps and hope they don't get killed. Remember you don't need to get the boss to 0 health on this one, you'll win if you get him to about 4% (that 4% makes alot of difference once he's enraged).

All usual guide information helps.

Gear: Ideally Centurioned level or better (Remember you can get Columni gear from daily and weekly hard mode quests in Black Talon)

Tested Compositions:
Tank, Healer, and DPS, with dps ranged companion.

Hope that helps someone, we'll continue our Hard Mode ++ adventures, hopefully more of you will will tag along soon!
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Re: Hard Modes with small numbers

Postby Lev » Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:39 am

Nice post!

I reckon we can do more once my Operative has a bit more gear (and skill...) :D
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Re: Hard Modes with small numbers

Postby Sneevus » Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:55 am

Edited post after Lev reminded me there's actually two Robot bosses in The Foundry.

That first one is so much of a non-event I forgot he existed...
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Re: Hard Modes with small numbers

Postby Boogie » Wed Apr 04, 2012 3:59 am

Great writeup Snee, cheers.

Was good fun three-manning the Foundry :D
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